I'm An Agent

Looking to find clients through Yenta’s data-driven and scientific approach


of the world: how awesome would it be, to be scientifically matched with a client? Someone who gets you! Welcome to My Real Estate Yenta, where we strive to make these awesome matches on the daily.


How It Works

We use two of the most well-recognized personality resources: The DISC Personality Assessment and the Meyers-Briggs. These generate a series of questions scientifically designed to prequalify the potential clients’ motivation. We’ll receive a full workup of their personality, decision-making style and motivation. The client tells US what they’re looking for in a agent. Based on this data, we’ll recommend three agents to matchthat could be you!


Join On In

Becoming an agent partner with My Real Estate Yenta is easy peasy:

1. Fill out a membership form

2. Pay initiation dues and complete some simple personality tests and a questionnaire for us, including a “real estate resume!” It can be your professional career, wrapped up in a page or it can be a summation of your life to date, personal and professional. (We only ask one thing – JUST BE YOU, BOO!)

3. Finally, we’ll help you create and record your 30 second “elevator pitch” video to show off your beautiful, competent self to our buyers and sellers. We’ll guide you every step of the way. Our Yentas are excited to welcome you.

How To Join

It’s simple!

1.Say “YES!”

2.Apply for Membership

3.Complete your Intake Assessments