I'm A Seller

Looking to find a realtor using data and science to be perfectly matched by a Yenta?


If you’re about to sell one of your biggest assets – don’t you want to know everything about the Real Estate Agent helping you?



the old way to have an agent sell your home:


A trusted source to find your real estate agent may be a friend, family member or coworker. They had a great experience with their agent and they want you to have the same. But are you going to be a fit? Your needs may be different. You need someone to represent your unique property.


Third Party Websites

Agents PAY to be featured on those websites, right? You don’t know anything about them, except that they’re spending serious capital to get in front of you! But what if you had a scientific way around all that?



You’re seeing a lot of signs for a particular agent in your area. Maybe you should give them a call, right? They’re obviously popular and it may be a good idea to list with the “super star”. But, that’s a roll of the dice. Don’t gamble. Find the right agent tailored specifically to your needs. (winking emoji)


How can you be sure?